Sea Freight

Mongolia is a landlocked country with no sea gate. The length of Mongolian railway which is connected Chinese and Russian railways at the border stations Zamiin-Uud and Sukhbaatar is 1110 km. All import and export transportations are arranged via Chinese and Russian route.

China gate. /Route/
Xingang port of China is the closest open sea gate to Mongolia and is directly connected to Mongolian border station Zamiin-Uud both by rail and road. The railway length from Xingang port to the capital of Mongolia is about 1870km. All will have no worries to import and export your goods using this open sea gate. For your information 80%-85% of all import & export transportations to/from Mongolia are done through Xingang port of China.

Russia Route - Trans-Siberian Railroad
Using this railroad your transportation can be arranged to/from St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk Vostochnii, Vladivostok and Novorosiisk port of Russia and all CIS & EU countries.

-    Through Xingang port of China shipments to/from South Asia, Middle East, Oceania, North and Central Asia, North, Central and South America and Europe.
-    Through Vladivostok port of Russia shipments to/from South Asia, Central and South America and Europe.
-    Through ST. Petersburg port of Russia shipments to / from Europe and America.
-    Through Novorossisk port of Russia shipments to / from Middle East and CIS countries.