Transit via Mongolia

The total length of the main railway of the Ulaanbaatar Railway from the station Naushki at Russian border to the station Erlian at Chinese border is 1110 kilometers. This railway corridor is the shortest way to transport goods from Europe to Asia and from Asia to Europe. 

According to the agreement on international rail freight traffic, the travel time of transit cargoes through Mongolia from Russia to China is 5.5 days, from China to Russia 6.5 days.

Due to the national program “Transit Mongolia” approved by Mongolian goverment in 2008, the Ulaanbaatar railway increased its carrying and carrying capacity, and reduced the delivery time of transit cargo and its from Russia to China is 3-4 days, from China to Russia 4-5 days.

Transportation of transit cargoes through the Mongolia, being forwarded by the International Freight Forwarding Center has advantages to save your time and money.