Since 1994, the IFFC has been carrying out customs brokerage services since the issuance of the rights of a customs broker service under order No. 304 of the Chief of the Mongolian Customs General Administration.


We offer the following services under the motto “We serve in your favour”:

Provide consulting services about laws, regulations of customs and customs tariffs, and on other laws to people and enterprises that participate in the Foreign Trade of Mongolia.


On the basis of a contract on customs brokerage services and on behalf of citizens and organisations we provide comprehensive customs brokerage services for customs clearance, declaration, control, payment of customs taxes and fees, and the direct issuance of cargo and technical equipment.


Here are some examples of the work on customs brokerage services provided for the past period:

  • “The Przhevalsky horse adaptation project from Holland to Mongolia” 1996
  • International rally "Camel Trophy" in 1996
  • The project “Mongolian Railway”, implemented by the humanitarian aid of the State of Japan in 1998-2000
  • Project transportation of dangerous goods "Cyanide sodium" COO "Boroo Gould" in 2006-2008
  • Project of export transportation of the first hybrid trolley-bus "DUOBUS" of the enterprise "Electric transport" in 2009
  • Project mission under the auspices and mandates of the UN. Transportation of military equipment, funds for the peacekeeping contingent of Mongolia in 2011-2013
  • The project of supply of bitumen for the construction of roads in2014


Our experienced and highly professional staff fulfilled their tasks in providing comprehensive customs and brokerage services.


Also, for the first time, provided a comprehensive service at its own container terminal and section on customs brokerage, freight forwarding and financial banking services from one window. ” In 1996 for the first time joined the membership of the International Federation of Customs and Brokerage Associations.

Since 1996, we have collaborated with customs authorities and carried out various joint projects. As a result, in 1996, the Cargo Manifest program was successfully implemented, in 2001, the “automated customs information system”, and in 2010, the Cargo Manifest program of export goods.

 In connection with the implementation of the program "Information System for Management of Customs" (CAIS, CEPS) by the Office of the General Customs, in 2009 all the branches were provided with new, high-quality equipment while improving the quality of services.


Dear customers and businessmen. Our hardworking, friendly team with 20 years of experience guarantees you a reliable, timely, customs and brokerage service.

You can get selective information about customs clearance and the necessary documents from our website. Http://