The International Freight Forwarding Center of Ulaanbaatar Railway was established in 1993 as a 100 percent Mongolian Railway invested company. Today IFFC is providing freight forwarding services not only by railway but also by road, air and sea transport and other additional related services.  

Currently, about 200 freight forwarding companies registered in Mongolian logistics industry and about 60 of them operate actively in the market. Based on the freight forwarding agreement, our center is cooperating with about 70 freight forwarding companies from over 30 countries and about 130 local and foreign clients.

The International Freight Forwarding Center offers you services in below.

  • Transit transportation via Mongolia
  • Re-export transportation
  • Wagon shipment of export and import
  • Container transportation of export and import
  • Air cargo forwarding
  • Sea freight forwarding
  • Road transport
  • Door to door service
  • Container cargo transportation
  • Dangerous cargo transportation
  • Heavy and oversized cargo transportation
  • Project and aid shipment’s transportation
  • Customs clearance of export and import cargo
  • Customs brokerage service
  • Freight and transportation insurance service
  • Warehousing and site service
  • One-stop service

The IFFC provides you reliable freight forwarding services continuously in high quality standard by air, rail, road and sea transport with cargo tracking information for your goods during transportation using our information network advantages.

The IFFC is a member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, the International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations, the International Air Transport Association, the Federation of Mongolian Freight Forwarders and Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and works in full cooperation with them.

In IFFC, employees who experienced, highly skilled in foreign languages and experienced in freight forwarding and business services, are working fully co-operating in team.  

The IFFC has structure of transportation department, customs brokerage department, financial and economical department, and auto facility. And operates in branches at the major stations of Ulaanbaatar Railway such as Suhbaatar, Erdenet, Ereentsav, Sainshand and Zamyn – Ude.

The IFFC has good reputation in overseas and Mongolia and we believe that working with us benefits you to expand your business.