Export and Import

Mongolia is surrounded by land and a landlocked country, but it is organizing sea freight and multimodal transportation of export, import and transit freight working with cooperative freight forwarders by using railway and road network connected to China's Xinjiang, Shanghai, Qingdao ports, Russia’s St.Petersburg, Vladivostok and Novovetsky ports.

Russian route-Trans-Siberian railway

  • Trans-Siberian Railway connects to major cities in Europe, South and North America through St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Vladivostok, and Novorossiy ports.

Chinese route - Chinese railway

  • China's Xinjiang port is connected to Ulaanbaatar by 1,870 km railway, and 80-85% of total export and import of Mongolia is transported through China's Xinjiang port.

Transport routes through Mongolia and sea routes

  • Through China's Xinjiang port connects to South and Middle Asia, the Sea countries, the North and Central Asia, the Middle East, the North, South and Central America and Europe
  • Through Russia’s Vladivostok port connects to South Asia, Central and South America and Europe
  • Through Russia’s St.Petersburg port connects to Europe and America
  • Through Russia's Novovossei port connects to the Middle East