Dangerous cargo transportation

Under the dangerous goods understand those items and substances that have a dangerous, detrimental effect on human health, the environment, animals and which can lead during transport, loading and unloading operations to damage railway structures, rolling stock, cargo.

Transportation of dangerous goods is carried out according to special regulations and our center, together with representative experienced agents in many countries of the world, provides you with reliable and responsible service while organizing consultations at the highest professional level, developing a shipment scheme and routes.

The following stations are operating at Ulaanbaatar Railway, which are open for loading and unloading dangerous goods.

Erdenet, Sharyn goal, Honhor, Amgalan, Bayan, Baganuur, Shivee-ovoo, Ayrag, Bor-Ondor, Saynshand and Orgon.

Our center transported the following dangerous goods:

  • Transportation of sodium cyanite for Boroo Gold
  • Transportation of explosive goods for Orico Mongolia
  • Transportation of explosive goods for Mer, Blastic
  • Transportation of explosive goods for Mongolian-Russian joint venture "Erdenet"
  • Transportation of explosive goods for Surug Mongolia

For more information about transportation of dangerous goods, visit http://www.iffc.mn/mn/b/34/4